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What is Osrati?

Take initiatives and take matters in to your own hands. Osrati program help your family to:

Pay attention to direct expenditures.

Continuity of children's education.

Achieve your special dreams.

What are the special features of Osrati?

No need for a medical check-up if you have good health to participate in the program.

A fixed premium for five years.

An option of renewing without the need for a medical check-up.

Worldwide, twenty four hour coverage.

Convenient monthly premiums deducted directly from your account.

What does Osrati insures against?

The sum insured, that was chosen today, will be paid to the beneficiaries, who are nominated in the event of loss of life resulting from any natural/or accidental causes. Additionally, you can get the same amount as in the case of permanent total disablement resulting from accidents/ or illnesses.

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For more information

For more information, please call our Call Center (toll free line 080022777 or + 9626-500-7777) and our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to assist you 24/7 throughout the week days.

In addition please feel free to visit any of our branches in Jordan or abroad, and one of our Customer Service Representatives will be glad to assist you. Please click on tell me more to locate the branch nearest to you. We look forward to serving you in the best way possible.